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Unblocking The Third Eye: What Illuminati Does Not Want You To Know

Very few people in this world realize that they have a power that may change their perspective about their surroundings. It is your ‘third eye’ or your sixth sense.

Your third eye is not a physical part of your body, but it is an inherent part of your etheric body, the subtle body or sukshma sharer, with which one can move to any part of the world, any time. It is your second body or the astral body.

Your subtle body is quite similar to your physical body and you can imagine this to be superimposed on your physical body having an equivalent spot in it. But, remember, it is never a part of your physical body.

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Since it is not a part of your physical body, physiology does not support the presence of a third eye. With processes like X-Ray or physical examinations can never find the presence of it and the closest reference point is the Pineal Gland.

Illuminati, or people who posses special psychic powers and the secret societies all over the world have been nurturing this hidden power for a very long time.

The third eye is an essential part of your subtle body or the sukshma sharir.

With your third eye you can see and feel things that your physical senses may not allow you to perceive.

But, only if you know how to harness the power of your third eye you would be able to see things that are beyond what you see visually. You would be able to see people’s auras and would also be able to experience mystic messages that will broaden your spiritual dimension. You would receive such messages from spirit guide.

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In short, you will be able to see unbelievable things; hear heavenly sounds; experience feelings and impressions that were new to you and feel thoughts and insights that were unfamiliar and heavenly.

But, this will happen only when your third eye is open. There can be many reasons for the blockage of the third eye and one must identify and address those in order to awaken it.

Blockage of third eye can be either caused by yourself or by other people.

Your feelings like fear, anxiety or self doubt cause the blockage to your sixth sense. If you are scared of seeing spirits or scary images and fearful of the unknown, your sixth sense will be blocked.

Another reason for this blockage can be the karmic influence from your past lives. A tragic death in the past life or a life away from spirituality may restrict the awakening of your sixth sense.

If you are doubtful about the presence of your third eye or if you do not believe in its existence, you can never experience its power.

We would advise you to get out of your negative emotions to experience the presence of third eye in your life and see how it improves your life in terms of your spiritual wellness.

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Blockage of the third eye can also happen due to people around you. A friend who is not a believer or a family member who does not have a spiritual inclination may restrict your intuitive sense and cause the blockage either temporarily or permanently.

The second reason of blockage is more complex and therefore difficult to tackle, because, it is naturally hard to influence someone’s belief or inherent personality.

The best option for you will be develop a mellifluous relationship with such persons and develop a relationship where he or she respects your beliefs.

When you indulge in a healthy, pious and meditative lifestyle it becomes easy for you to awaken your sixth sense or your third eye. Following a vegan diet comprising of organic green vegetables, fresh fruits and abstinence from consuming non vegetarian food helps you in this process.

Once you have identified the causes that restrict you from experiencing your inner powers, it is time to adopt steps in unblocking your third eye. You must understand the way in which energy flows between your physical eyes and your third eye, if you wish to enjoy the full potential of your sixth sense.

When you third eye is blocked, it receives no energy and in order to unblock it, you must divert energy to it from other sources.

Your physical eyes are the best source for supplying that energy to your third eye, simply because they are physically closest to it. Make your physical eyes become unseeing so that they can deliver the energy to your third eye.

How to energize your third eye?

Close your eyes and try to concentrate on your forehead, at the central point where the two eyes meet. Focus on this point keeping the eyes closed for few seconds, and then for one to two minutes. During this time, try to energize your sixth sense that is located at your forehead by channelizing all your energy.

Stop moving your physical eyes and focus on the central point between them. As the eyes stop moving they would not need any energy and the entire energy will then flow to the nearest location, your third eye.

Unblocking the third eye is not easy and you may not experience success at the very first attempt but with regular practice, you will surely be able to channelize more and more energy to it and finally awakening your sixth sense.

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