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The 6 Universal Signs You Are Definitely An Old Soul…

Time is a concept created by Man. It is a parameter used to define growing old, and the passing of years and nothing proves this more than when we see young adults of hardly eighteen years of age seeming so mature, and others at a grand age of even a hundred being childish.

Satchel Paige has quoted this perfectly when he asks how old you would think you were if you did not know the number of years you have spent on this Earth.

And yet, there is a unique type of person who seems to be a stranger to this world ever since he has entered it and, who lives a secluded life alone, away from people. This lonely life isn’t one he has chosen, or because he is socially inept. No, he is simply and old soul.

And old soul with an old heart and mind, he finds that the way he views life is so much more mature and thus, so very different and deep than others around him. And so, he lives life as he sees it fit to be lived, making his own way alone, while everybody around him is eager to blindly follow each other.

Old souls are reincarnated souls, as we all are, but reincarnated so many times, that they have lived hundreds of years as a soul on this planet. Their outlook differs that of the much younger souls about them, and their lifestyles, customs and approach to everyday life are born out of their old hearts.

Are you an Old Soul?

Here are some traits you may have if you are:

Wanting To Be Alone

Old Souls prefer to be alone and are of an introvert nature. Unlike younger souls, they find peace and power in the isolation. Other people might find them less interesting because they are not party-goers.

People Magnet

Old Souls are typically wise, and they have a humorous outlook on life. They are very empathetic and ooze positivity. That makes them a magnet for energy vampires, and interacting with others for too long drains them emotionally. Old souls thus should avoid mingling with people too much to protect themselves and their energy.


Old Souls prefer to spend their time with their own selves, and not be around too many people.  They prefer to have close relationships with a select few, and their social circle is small but meaningful. This also stops them from getting emotionally drained, though they may be tagged as ‘loners’ by the younger souls.

Forgiving Nature

There is no sense to holding a grudge when you feel connected to the Universe and all the souls within it, which makes Old Souls very forgiving. Love and forgiveness are more important than hate and revenge. They also set the path for younger souls to follow by practising being forgiving.


These traits we’ve just read about are a person who is genuinely nice and easy-going. Old Souls believe in the adage ‘live and let live’, and they are not arrogant. This is not always good for them, as this makes them an easy target for being taken advantage of, or for being conned. But Old Souls do not want to control others or to show dominance over others. This particularly makes it very easy to be around an Old Soul.

Decision Making

Intuition forms the basis for making any decisions for them. Logic is not always the answer, as their intuition has been honed over centuries and many lives, and they bring it to use. They can also sense if the road they are taking in life is easy or difficult.

A Young Soul and an Old One are very different, but they should all be given respect and be treated with kindness. In the larger scheme of things, all souls are equally important for the Universe.

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